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Good Health for all the Family with Homeopathy

When my patients see results from homeopathy and their health improves they also get a deeper understanding of how homeopathy works.   In many cases people usually want to continue to work with me once their original symptoms disappear. This is because they notice changes on all levels of their health and they want to get right back to their optimum level of health.

Thoughts then turn towards their family’s health and how they would benefit from homeopathy and they usually ask whether I can help them with a certain ailment or condition such as sleep issues, recurring coughs, ear infections and colds, tummy upsets, general aches and pains. Because homeopathy treats the person and not the symptoms I am usually able to help.

A recent example is of a family who had absolutely no knowledge of homeopathy and were extremely skeptical but brought their daughter to see me for sleep issues. They saw the results and their eyes were opened so when their son had a cough they thought of me and homeopathy. They are now considering homeopathy for the father’s asthma.

So next time a member of your family has an illness, especially a recurring one why don’t you consider homeopathy you might just be very surprised.

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